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Christmas Joke/Story*
*if you laugh at the end it's a joke, if not it's just a pointless story. . .

“Well,” said a woman to her husband as they sat at their kitchen table. “This is our 35th Christmas together. I wonder how many more we will have?”


“Oh, I don’t know dear,” he replied. “I often worry how you would cope if I die before you. For example, do you think you would find another partner?”

“I don’t think I would like to be by myself,” she reasoned. “Would you mind if I did find someone else?”

He thought a moment before saying: “Not at all. You will have to make your own decisions when I am not here.”

He thought some more and asked: “Would you, and whoever your next partner is, live in this house?”

“Well, I do like this house,” she confirmed. “Yes, I think I would like to carry on living here.”

He was getting a bit non-pulsed, but carried on: “And would you keep our bed?”

“It is a very comfortable bed. Yes I think I would keep using the bed," she said.

He was now quietly angry but asked. “And would you give him my collection of German stamps?”

“Oh, no dear,” she smiled.  “He only collects Great Britain.”

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