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THE society has a small library of philatelic books listed here which members can borrow for a week or so.

Covid does not make this easy, but if you would like to borrow one or two either email Mark Hugo or drop a line to: 

and we'll arrange collection/drop-off.

The books we have are:


Postage Stamps In The Making (F Melville, revised by J Easton) 1948 (CF)

Errors In Postage Stamp Design (DEG Irvine and M Shshold (1979) (CF)

Philatelic Handbook of Gilbert and Ellice Islands (D H Vernon) plus supplements (SPD) 

Several past editions of The London Philatelist (the journal of the Royal Philatelic Society (London).

Falkland  Islands and Dependencies 1800-1987 (Stefan  Heijtz) (MH)

Postal History and stamps of Bermuda (M H Luddington) (MH)


Posted in Gibraltar  (W Hine-Haycock) (MH)


The Gambia  (R E R Dalwick) (MH)


The Postal History of British Army in WW1 (George Crabb) (MH)

The History and Postal History of Tristan Da Cuhna (George Crabb) (MH)


Malta Postal History and stamps (Robson Lowe)




Specialist Catalogue (Vol 1) Queen Victoria (2020) (CF)

English And Welsh Spoon Cancels 1853-70 (2015) (CF)


Collect British Postmarks (2013) (CF)


George V and the GPO (2010) (CF)


Old Letter Boxes (2012) (CF)


Under The Gum (James Mackay) (CF)


The Postage Stamps Of Great Britain (Pt 4) - the issues of King George V K M Beaumont and J B M Stratton (1957) (CF)

Several past editions of the GB Philatelic Society Journal. (CF)



Gibbons' Commonwealth (the so-called Part 1) to 1970 (2019)


Murray Payne Ltd King George VI Catalogue (2015) (CF)


Stamps of the World (6 volumes) (2013)




Part 2 Austria and Hungary


Part 3 Balkans


Part 6 France, French Colonies and Monaco


Part 12 Africa since Independence


Part 13 Africa since Independence


Part 14 Africa since Independence


Part 15 Central America


Part 19 Middle East


Part 20 South America


Part 21 South East Asia


Part 22 USA


Czech Republic and Slovakia


Belgium + Luxembourg


Netherlands + Colonies


Italy + Switzerland


Portugal + Spain




French Colonies


North East Africa

 Ireland 6th edition 2015 (SPD)


 Scandinavia 7th edition 2013 (SPD)


Western Pacific 4th edition 2017 (SPD)


 Eastern Pacific 3rd edition 2015 (SPD)


 Australia 11th edition 2018 (SPD)


 New Zealand and Dependencies 6th edition 2016 (SPD)


 Antarctica 2nd edition 2012 (SPD)

If you have any books/journals you do not mind lending to other members let us know and we'll add them to the lists.

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