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KARL MAY is one of the best-selling German writers of all time, with about 200,000,000 of his books sold worldwide.


He is best known for his 19th century novels of fictitious travels and adventures, set in the American Old West and in the Orient and Middle East.

May also wrote novels set in Latin AmericaChina and Germany, poetry, a play, and composed music; he was a proficient player of several musical instruments. Many of his works were adapted for filmtheatreaudio dramas and comics.

May had a substantial influence on a number of well-known German-speaking people and on the German population itself.  This display, by our own Simon McArthur,  is a look at the author's life, works and influence.


Click on the first image to view the display.  Once you have done that pages can be enlarged by clicking on the double arrow symbol on the top left.

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