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Knowledge is power, and this is where you start learning.


To put together a really good collection you either need lots of money, lots of of knowledge or lots of luck.


Anyone with the means can buy a rare stamp, but the real skill and fun is finding one before anyone else has noticed it. To those who are not in the know it is always a surprise that those who have the most knowledge also seem to have the most luck. Believe is, that does not happen by chance.

So how can you, dear reader, spot the good from the bad and the downright ugly?


You have already made a good start by finding this section of our website. Several of our members are experts and happy to explain some of the finer details of collecting so you can get the most out of your stamps and pick up a bargain. 

So far we have articles on straited paper, George V Key Plates, identifying chalky paper, and shades.  There will be more coming along soon. 

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