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Competition rules

We organised several competitions for members during the year. Here are the rules and regs for each BUT make sure you also read the general information and guidelines below:



THE Charter Cup was presented to the Society by the Mayor and Corporation of Epsom And Ewell on occasion of the Borough celebrating the receiving of its Charter. It is an open competition of nine sheets and all kinds of philatelic material will be accepted. The first page should give details about the entry. The competition is judged by the Mayor.



THE Presidents' Cup is an open competition of nine to 16 sheets for stamps (postal and fiscal) and for postal stationery. The first page must give details of the entry. The entry may consist of a specialised study of any country or countries, the issues of any country or a single stamp. Covers can be included to illustrate the usage of the stamps although the postal history interest of the covers will be disregarded. The competition will be judged by the President using the criteria below.



The Postal History Cup is an open competition of nine to 16 sheets covering the study of cancellations, postal markings, postal routes and postal rates. The first sheet should give details of the entry. The competition will be judged by the members who are present.



The Dulcie Lynch Thematic Trophy is an open competition of nine to 16 sheets in which the entry develops a theme and tells a story by the use of stamps, postal stationery, covers and other philatelic material. The first sheet should have an explanation of the theme and the entry should be supplemented throughout by explanatory text. The competition will be judged by the members who are present.



Each member can enter an album of at least ten pages. The term album is taken to mean not only an album in its traditional sense but also stockbooks and any other accumulation of pages in a binder of some description and can extend to beyond one volume. There must be at least ten pages, there is no upper limit, but other considerations being equal a larger collection is to be favored. In an attempt to have some level of anonymity, each album will be given a number for judging purposes. Judging will be done by the members present on the evening. To determine the final three albums to go into the final, members present will be asked to each nominate one album. This is to be done by writing the number of the album on a slip of paper.



The Shaw Cup is a restricted competition, not open to the current holders of the Presidents’ Cup and Postal History Cup. The Cup cannot be won on more than two occasions by the same person. Each entry must consist of nine sheets. The first sheet can give details of the entry. Entries can be stamps, postal history, thematic, or social philately. The competition will be judged by the members who are present.




A single page of anything that can be described as philatelic such as stamps or postal history.. The competition will be judged by the members who are present. The winner will be presented with the Colin Grove Salver.




With the exception of the Charter Cup and the President's Cup all competitions will be judged by the members on the basis of quality of presentation and interest. They should award five points for the best entry, three points for the second best, and one point for the third best. A competitor cannot judge his or her entry.


When judging an entry in the Presidents’ Cup the president should use the following marking schedule which should also be seen as guidelines for members when judging -

Philatelic Knowledge and personal research – 30 marks

Treatment, originality and importance of exhibit and the items exhibited – 30 marks

Presentation, write up and arrangement – 20 marks

Relative condition and rarity – 20 marks

(so a total of 100 marks)





1) Entrants must be current members of the society

2) Only one entry per member in each competition

3) All entries are submitted at the members own risk

4) The sheet size shall not usually exceed 293mm high by 245mm wide

5) The stamps and philatelic material used must be the sole property of the member and must be part of a bona fide collection

6) The opening sentences giving details of the entry can consist of just a few lines and should not usually be more than about half a page. In addition to the explanation the first sheet should also have either maps, diagrams or other material such as stamps and covers.

7) Winning entries should not be entered for the same competition again unless the entry has been substantially revised

8) If there are fewer than two entries for any competition then the competition will be deemed null and void for the year. The Cup or Trophy will be held by the Society until the next time the competition is to be held

9) Winners can either get the Cup or Trophy engraved and claim the cost from Hon Treasurer the society (get a receipt) or return the Cup or Trophy to the secretary at least a fortnight before the next time the Cup or Trophy is to be competed for.

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