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"Without the car, without the plane and without the loudspeaker, we could never have conquered Germany,” Hitler said in 1935.


He used convoys of vehicles festooned with slogans and swastika banners to spread the authority of the Nazi Party.


Hence the NSKK (National Socialist Motor Corps) played an important role which grew with the outbreak of war as the troops of the NSKK were absorbed into the German Army to provide much needed mechanical knowledge.


During the war the NSKK undertook a number of other duties such as patrolling the rivers, working for the Organization Todt (this undertook the construction of military fortifications and the like) as well as providing assistance to the German air force and providing a courier service.


After the war, the NSKK was disbanded and declared a “condemned organisation” rather than a criminal organization as happened to other Nazi entities such as the SS.

 Simon McArthur

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