We can no longer go to meetings,

so meetings will have to come to us.

WHILE coronavirus is threatening us it is not possible to hold society meetings.


That does not mean we have to stop looking at each other's displays. We a have website which all our members can access, and most of us will have plenty of time on our hands.

OK, it is not as good as meeting up as a society, if nothing else we can't all go down the pub afterwards, but this is the next-best thing and will have to do for now.

But it will only work if members are willing to send some of their pages to Chris Forwood so he can load them onto the site. It can be just one or two pages if you wish, more is not always better. Please have a go; contributions can be without names if required.​

To access the displays either use the drop-down menu or click on one of links below: