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Stamps on video

OUR VERY own Susan Taylor and Graham Stockdale recently gave a talk to the members of the prestigious Royal Philatelic Society (London) based on Susan's book "Anguilla's Quest For Identity: The Philatelic Story' which has just won an international Gold Medal(!)

Most philatelists are aware of Anguilla’s 1967 Revolution and its overprints – the most sought-after set of Commonwealth stamps of the QEII era.


However, this does not do justice to the richness of Anguillan philatelic material since or before, or to the central role that postal services have played throughout the island’s history. In a live meeting of the Royal Philatelic Society London held via Zoom video conferencing, Susan and Graham presented the wider philatelic story of the island to an international audience.

You can watch the video by clicking on the image here:


anquilla book.jpg

THERE are lots of on-line videos related to stamps and philately.

Here is a selection on them which will be regularly changed and updated so keep coming back to take a look.


 If you see anything which you think may be of interesting to other members let me know and I will load it up.

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