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Hot date means Christmas came early

ONE of our eagle-eyed members recently noticed a bit of a good thing on Ebay.


The cover show here was described by an American dealer as Gibraltar Edward VII 6d on cover, which it certainly is.

However, what  the vendor may know have known, but should have

looked up,  is that there are two Edward VII 6ds -  SG 60 dull purple

and violet issued on 19 April 1907 and SG 70 which is dull and bright

purple and was issued in December 1911 according to Gibbons but 

only released for sale in July 1912, according to William Hine-Haycock's

'Posted In Gibraltar' book.


The first one is catalogued at £40 used, the second £375 - and about

three times more for being on cover.

The later stamp was issued just a day before the arrival of George V 

Multiple Crown CA  watermarked values and of 12 sheets (each

120 stamps) half were purchased by dealers - this is also a rare instance of a stamp being worth more used than mint.

02-07-19 hugo cover.JPG

What our member noticed  was that the cover was cancelled in Gibraltar

on Christmas Eve 1913 and received in Hannover on 29 December 1913.This

made them think that it could be the uncommon shade.


With this in mind they bid US$50 taking the view that if this was the earlier issue they would not be out of pocket.


The cover was knocked down for $32 including postage whilst Gibbons suggest an on-cover price in excess of £1,000.


Having started their Gibraltar collection in 1980 our member was missing this stamp and to get it on cover was the icing on the cake.  It is, as they said: "a joy to own".

Next stop for them is the 1925 Gibraltar £5 which weighs is at £6,000 used - and almost any price you care to quote for on cover.  


We can all dream.

02-07-19 hugo cover2.JPG
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