He's back, with Grand designs

Some say he eats the Racing Post for breakfast, lightly toasted.

Others that he has an ear at every stable door, and at several unstable ones. It is even said that he can talk to animals but has nothing to say.

All we know is that he is our Junior Racing Advisor, and he is back.

It has been a long time since he was last in contact with us. Where he has been we do not know but we know where he is going – Aintree for Saturday’s Grand National.

Some take his racing advice as if it was handed down on stone tablets; others suggest you must be stoned on tablets if you take blind bit of notice of what he says.

But we have managed to get the names of two of the runners in Saturday’s National.

For win purposes he reckons ANY SECOND NOW, and for the more timid amongst us who what to bet each way then apparently TWO FOR GOLD has a sporting chance at around 50-1.

As always all we do is pass on the messages, like life in general, there are no guarantees.