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Can the JRC make it a dandy Derby?

THE Junior Racing Advisor is one of life's enigmas.

Some wonder if he came to earth on an alien spaceship, others think he arrived on cosmic dust.


All we know is that he is the JRA, and he has been back in touch.

Saturday is Derby Day and, despite the race having a 1.30 start this year, our man will be up on the downs bright and early, suited and booted.

But what is his money going on? That is what we all want to know.

As usual, he did not give us a straight answer, just that knowing, annoying, look of his.


Now, trainer Aidan O'Brien has been very bullish about his runner, Auguste Rodin and Frankie Dettori could well steer Arrest into the Winner's Enclosure. But our man does not think so.

He sat in silence and after a few moments took out a pocket notebook and started to write - and this was his message he left us:


But what does it mean? Then we remembered, the JRA is very keen on crosswords, and in particular solving anagrams. Could that help us find the solution??

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