Quest Philatelic Auctions

AS you probably know, Alec Webster, a member of our Society, runs Quest Philatelic Auctions.

The next sale, the 202nd, has just gone live, so be quick and get your bids in first.

You can down load the catalogue by clicking on the image. Similarly with the bidding form. 

quest 202 front.jpg
202 bid form image.jpg

You can also bid directly though Quest's own website -


Stamp and philatelic auctioneers | Quest Philatelic Auctions

where you can find all you need to know about how the auction works.  Quest is a well-established company, and every one of  their sales have thousands of lots. With estimates ranging from a few pounds to a few hundred, there is something for everyone whether you a looking for a single stamp, a set, an accumulation or a whole album.

Stars of the current sale include two £5 Oranges. There is the usual Postage & Revenue and the much 

quest 202 1924.jpg

scarcer Telegraph. In 1882 the Post Office decided there was a need for a £5 postage stamp. The £5 Telegraph design was used, simply removing “Telegraphs” and replacing it with “Postage. The postage stamps were printed in a deeper shade of orange.

In 1902 the PO considered re-issuing the £5 with an EVII head but decided it was not necessary. Indeed a £5 postage stamp was not

issued again until the tall £5 salmon & blue Machin in 1972.

 Excellent examples of both in the current sale, lots 1979 and 1924 respectively.


GB collectors will also be interested in the two gems shown here .


The first is  an 1883-84 10/- ultramarine in fine mint condition (lot1952P) which catalogues at £2,250.


There is also a 10/- grey-green from 1867-83 unused which is lot 1888P.

Quest's claim is that they have something for every collector so it is not only GB which is strong in the catalogue.

New Zealand is always popular and the sale includes this  £1 1882-95 Chalon head with an estimate of £110. The GR Mafia Island issue of 1915 catalogues at £1,100 and is here with an estimate of £360. It is 


lot 1644P. The previous lot is the 30h black & carmine with the same estimate. the St Helena 10/- is lot 1428P with an estimate of £150.