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STAMPEX 2021 - where is everybody?

I visited Stampex on the Saturday, October 2.

There was a minimal queuing and the COVID-19 checks were thorough, well organised and efficient. Interestingly a minority of those in the hall were wearing masks.

It was certainly quieter than I have usually seen it, although I have never been on a Saturday before. Numbers picked up during the morning and most of the dealers that I visited said that business had been

good. Some dealers were unhappy that there had been a meeting at the Royal Philatelic Society on Thursday afternoon and felt many visitors left at lunchtime to go to Abchurch Lane.


Although from memory there always has been a Royal Meeting of the Thursday and I have never heard it commented on before.

stampex - 3.jpg

The British Design Centre was organised slightly differently to the usual with no stands on the ground floor but the first floor and the second-floor balconies were used.


Most of the regular dealers seemed to be there although some could not make it and others had changed position or had smaller stands. I saw some fascinating material, learnt a lot and met some old friends.


There did seem to be fewer exhibits than usual nonetheless many were of exceptional standard, in particular I enjoyed John Davies “Jubilee Reminiscence” on the philatelic history of the Great Britain 1890 Penny Postage Jubilee.


Hopefully things will continue to improve and that London 2022 will be a huge success. You can see how plans for that are progressing on their website:  London 2022 International Stamp Exhibition – International Stamp Exhibition


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