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Bring and Buy

ALL our meetings will now start at 7.30 with a short Bring-And-Buy session.

Bring anything along you wish to sell and buy a bargain from your fellow members.

To help the society’s funds sellers will be charged £1 every evening they sell something – there is nothing to pay if a seller fails to sell anything. To try to match up buyers with sellers, please email Chris Forwood on:


with your lists of what you have to sell, and what you are looking to buy. Hopefully we'll be able to sometimes match one with the other.


 I will try to post every list on the society's website so everyone can see it. To help me do this, please do not format your list in any way, just send a straightforward list. Any attempt at formatting just means I have to spend a lot of time taking out all the extra spaces.

MOST IMPORTANT: our normal meetings will still start at 8.00 which is when all trading MUST stop. This is particularly important when we have a guest speaker. They have often travelled many miles at their own expense and starting the meeting late can look like a discourteously.


1) 8 different PHQ cards celebrating Queen's 80th birthday  PHQ £2.00

2)  2006 Queen trooping the colour + 2006 Queen 80th FDC x 4 Queen in memoriam + Camilla/Charles Wedding £2.00

3 New issue £1 + £1.33 values for England, Wales, Scotland and N Ireland FDC x 4 £2.00

4)  Battle of Waterloo 2015 issue FDC x 3 £2.00

5) Star Wars characters and fighters etc FDC x 2 £2.00

6)Prime Ministers 2014, 60 years war end,2015 Bridges, Unaddressed Queen Live, 2015 Alice in Wonderland FDC x 5 £2.50

7) Green stock book full of birds on stamps £4.00

8) Br Guiana 1935 SJ 24c VFU SG304 £9.50

9)  Br Guiana 1935 SJ 12c VFU SG303 £4.50

10)  Br Guiana 1935 SJ 6c VFU SG302 £2.10

11) GB Ed 7 2sh 6d VFU  cat £150 SG260 £27.50

12) Burma 1937 India 1Rupee overprinted Burma Cat  £70 LMM SG13 £22.00

13) Bahamas 1938 £1 blue green + black LMM cat £60 SG175a £20.00

14) Bahamas 1942 £1 Landfall deep grey green UMM Cat £80 £27.50

15) 1st and 2nd class FDC 2014, World cup winners 2006 FDC x 3 £1.50

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