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Christmas Quiz

Well done for all of you who entered the Christmas Quiz, especially PHIL DWYER who was a clear winner - but it is still the case that no one has ever got all the answers right.

1) Who sang “Walking In The Air’ in the film The Snowman?

ANSWER: Peter Auty (NOT Aled Jones)

 2) Why did Judge Christmas Humphreys not sit on any murder trials in the early 1960s but could have done in the later 1960s?

Because he was a Buddhist so could not sentence someone to death until the death penalty for murder was done away with.

 3) In what year did the first GB Christmas stamps appear?


4) In what year did Father Christmas first appear on a GB stamp?


5) Which Christmas song includes the line; “Put some music on while I pour.”

Baby it’s cold outside.

6) Which Christmas song includes the line: “To do poor sinners good:”

The god-awful Holly and the Ivy

7) Christmas would not be the same without a tin of Quality Street – but where does that name come from?

It was the title of a play by J M Barrie which was so popular that Quality Street chocolates and caramels were named after it. The confectionery originally used characters from the play in their advertising and packaging.

 8) What do Dorothy Wordsworth, the founder of the American Red Cross, and Queen Elizabeth II’s aunt Alice have in common?

All were born on Christmas Day

9) In which film is a character called Mr Christmas Jones?

The World Is Not Enough

10) Who was the last winner of the X Factor to have a Christmas number one?

Ben Haenow

11) In the TV programme Peep Show Mark falls out with his father over whether a vegetable is Christmassy or not – which veg?


12) Who has or had a dog called Santa’s Little Helper?

The Simpsons.


13) Who played the part of the Doctor in the Dr Who episode The Christmas Invasion?

David Tennant


14) What is the first rule in the Code Of Elves?

Treat Every Day Like Christmas (from the film Elf).


15) In which classic novel does the lead character set sail on Christmas Day?

Moby Dick


16) In which Shakespearian  play does a man dressed as a woman fall in love with a woman dressed as a man at Christmas?

Twelfth Night


17) Which is the only song to have twice been a Christmas number one for exactly the same artists?

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

18) In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which character complains that they never have enough socks, because people always buy them books for Christmas?

Albus Dumbledore

19) In which town did the Grinch attempt to steal Christmas?


20) What hangs from the marble banisters in Hogwarts castle over Christmas?

Everlasting icicles

21) How many gifts in were given in The Twelve Days of Christmas?


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